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"Strength in numbers, fighting together against bank debt slavery"

Message 7th March: New 'No Repsonse' template letter if you not recieved a written response from your bank by now


What is the idea of Spartacus Ireland?:

We have invested heavily as taxpayers to save the banks but for many of us we have paid TOO MUCH to allow us to live a reasonable life. The banks will ultimately pay the price if we can no longer pay our mortgages due to continuous austerity. This is exactly the opposite to what the citizens are being told in Ireland, i.e., that we cannot let the banks fail and must accept endless austerity. If we can no longer afford to pay our mortgages the banks WILL fail. See this Irish Times Letter or Westmeath Examiner for a full explanation of the background to the demonstration. If you want to get in touch you can e-mail and/or follow us on twitter and facebook using the above links.

Struggling to make ends meet due to austerity as you continue to pay the mortgage as before?:

Thanks to all those that sent a letter on Feb 9th, over 3,000 copies were downloaded by Feb 9 2013 and it is clear that mortgage debt has moved to the forefront of media, central bank and government attention in the weeks following this action.
We are keeping the letter (without a date) available if you wish to use it at any time, we may add more debt related letters in the coming weeks.
We would be delighted to hear feedback re responses from the banks (see Letter Template), our e-mail address is above.
If you send a letter to the bank please make sure to keep a copy of the letter you send for yourself so you can keep some proof that the banks were pre-warned of the potential effects of austerity measures on your personal finances
. The above letter simply inquires about mortgage payment relief options available on your mortgage. You don't have to be in arrears to ask for these payment options especially if there is a risk that you will fall into arrears due to the numerous financial adjustments householders have been forced to make in recent budgets (it's called "pre-arrears"). In many cases if it wasn't for the cutbacks in all aspects of everyday family spending many more customers would be in arrears at this point in the austerity program. All struggling householders (whether in arrears or not) should be allowed to avail of the same mortgage relief deals from their banks without any risk to their home.

Impact of Spartacus Ireland?:

With over 3,000 downloads of the letter and a tireless national media campaign on radio and television we feel that the uniting of the householders HAS brought the attention this national crisis deserves! We await the government's SWIFT response. Business and farmers can approach the Credit Review Office if they are unhappy with the banks, what do householders/families do if they don't get well treated by the banks in the call to restructure their debts???...let's see if the government provide US with that answer urgently.